Project Abstract

The study aims to explore what it means to regret parenthood. By examining online forums and interviewing parents about regret, the study intends to explore how feelings of regret arises, is experienced, handled and treated, and which consequences these feelings have for the individual. Parenthood regret is an unexplored topicin the Nordic context. Previous research comes from countries that differ from the Swedish context in terms of social norms as well as family policies and welfare. The current study contributes with an interdisciplinary perspective on parenthood regret, and brings together medical, psychological, philosophical, gender and historical perspectives.

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Participants needed for interview study

Do you regret having children? Do you want to share your thoughts and experiences about this in a research interview?

Participating in an interview is completely voluntary and confidential. The interview takes place in a place that suits you, or by phone. To participate, you need to be at least 18 years old, living in Sweden, be able to make yourself understood in Swedish or English, and it should be at least 18 months since you had a child. You should not suffer from depression or other severe mental illness.
All information collected in the study is de-identified to protect your privacy. The material is handled in a secure manner and no personal data that can be attributed to you is presented when the results are published.
If you are interested in participating and want more information about the study, please contact the responsible researcher Maja Bodin (

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